Casablanca S-4100 Bogart v2.2
Approximate prices - please check
DVD - £2599
BluRay - £2849


The Casablanca S-4100 is the successor of the Casablanca
S-4000 (Pro). Impressive performance data makes the new
Casablanca flagship the ideal tool for demanding editors.
The highlights include:
•  Even more speed thanks to the new main board and powerful Core 2 Duo processor
•  Big RAM reserve and huge hard-drive capacity
•  Future-orientated video hardware incl. DVI/HDMi output (HDMi via adapter) and highly integrated NEXPERIA multimedia chipset
•  Compatible with analogue, DV, HDV and AVCHD video footage
•  Direct display of HD footage during the editing process (cutting, trimming, splitting, …)
•  Flexible output of the finished video to SD or HD standards in various resolutions
•  18-speed double layer DVD burner or optional Blu-ray burner
•  Single-monitor or dual-monitor operation possible - TV output to either DVI/HDMI or SCART
•  Front connections (DV, S-video, CVBS, stereo audio, USB)
•  A wide range of connections found on the back (DVI-I, Scart, DV, S-video, CVBS, stereo audio,
microphone, network, USB - partially multiple connections or separate for in and outputs)
•  Software included: Bogart SE 2 system software including Media Manager, DVD Arabesk 4,
Power Key option, 3D Shapes Professional
Technical specifications subject to change.

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Casablanca S-2000 and Bogart v2.2
Approximate prices - please check

S2000 DVD £1749
S2000 BluRay £1999
Pro Software £246


Equipped with modern processor technology, the Casablanca S2000 is ideal for editing video in standard resolution (both analogue and DV), and also  High-Definition. The monitor can be either a TV set, a PC monitor or you can even use both as a dual-monitor setup. It is possible to edit HD footage up to a maximum "Full HD" resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (a suitable monitor with DVI/HDMI input is required).
The system uses the future orientated Bogart SE software which was successfully  launched on the Casablanca top of the range editors S-4000 and S-4000 pro. The optional Pro Pack expands the software capabilities to the same performance level found on the top range units. The high quality design with glass-front, manifold connectivity and choice of SD DVD burner or HD  Bluray make a perfect mix for the ambitious videographer.

The most important features at a glance:
- Powerful Intel Core Duo processor with 1 GB RAM
- 500 GB hard-drive, 18-speed DVD Dual-Layer burner
- 1 or 2 monitor use, TV connection wither via DVI/HDMI or SCART
- Video modes: 720p, 1080i and various VGA modes
- Bogart SE system software.